Renaldo & The Loaf – Behind Closed Curtains (1979 experimental)

Artist: Renaldo & The Loaf
Title: Behind Closed Curtains (1979 experimental)
Keywords: experimental r&tl renaldo and the loaf the residentsweirdo ambient ralph records Madison
Label: Secret Records

If you go behind the closed curtains of Renaldo & The Loaf you will soon be swallowed up in a glorious world full of weirdness that you simply would like to quickly close the curtain behind you: just so this secretive odd strangeness doesn’t go out and run loose, but also to keep it strangely concentrated at your own fingertips. See it as a harem of unique weirdness that are hard to find in every day life and now you are in some earthly Valhalla full of it!

There isn’t even a point in describing the tracks that you meet right there jolly jumping around, singing odd songs in never heard before languages in eccentric friendly moods with intelligent quirkiness that feels like a amazing blowjob for the mind and ears. When you go behind this curtain you will feel all happy, silly with enough glory of discovery in mind; it’s the place you would like to stay, wiggle around among the new friends who accept you for the weirdo that you are, making you feel at home in experimental kindness of the highest (and craziest?) order!

But even though this is clearly a hidden treasure of a mentalist paradise, it is also a very sophisticated and beautiful one. Just listen to the robots singing, the poetic lunatic dribbling in an alien kindness out gendering the genres like a devoted alien race that vowed to never get in contact with whatever happens outside of the curtain. Inside they might be brewing their solidarity with creativeness, they also seem to protect each-other by bringing layers of honest love and unpretentious prettiness. You might be surprised how you might feel easily at home behind this curtain:


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