LARB – the story of

Artist: LARB
Title: the story of
Keywords: experimental, noise
Label: Attenuation Circuit

*Mike “Mystery Hearsay” Honeycutt and Zan “Zanstones” Hoffman met in the mid 1980s on a road trip to see Einstürzende Neubauten in Atlanta. Recordings together started then and they have been at it ever since.Z*

…That ladies and gentlemen was a bit of a short story, in fact it leaves a hell lot of character building and adventuress out of the writing. Yet you got to respect the compactness of it all, written in a no nonsense way of telling what had happened; two people met up on a road trip, started to make and record music together and then they started to do this happily ever after. Nobody had lost a shoe or turned into a pumpkin, yet I feel that this story actually begins where other stories would have ended.

Nobody knows what happens when these princesses and princess come together to live their happy immortal lives forever together. But with this story of creative friendship between Mystery Hearsay and Zanstones it is a entire different story. Their audio output under their moniker name ‘Larb’ tells us their stories. They aren’t small ones that you read out in a couple of seconds, no they make audio stories that take a fair amount of time to finish. In fact it will never finish as long as these two will be alive and continue to make more of them.

It’s hard to tell what their recorded stories are about, but with a bit of imagination it’s easy to get visions gathered from your own imagination triggered by these sounds from Larb. It’s a personal thing, clearly much more interesting than any easy front/middle/end story that so many books and stories seem to consist out of.
There is no real point for me to tell you the stories that I had experienced when listening to these stories by Larb, but if you insist I could mention a funny one:

A modified bee with Tesla electronic powers trying to single handedly destroying some kind of industrial bio hazard industry by buzzing and blowing things up with throwing electromagnetic fields all over the targeted places. Pigs escape from their pig pens, disgraceful farmers that had been doing things in a dodgy way are now being fried or themselves forced to go and get the pig’s life. The mind controlling bee waves simply made them compliant victims, getting themselves stuck in tiny cages, forcibly fed food with hormones, their nipples sucked dry and when ready they end up at the slaughter house. All just directed by the mastermind of a tiny bee with mind controlling Tesla electronic mental powers…

I know… I know… you might think that this story doesn’t make sense, but I could still hear these farmers squeak in fear. And that’s just only one story of the many that Larb had collected here for all who enjoys a wordless audio book. It’s all up to you and your own imagination; Larb provides the sound and your brain manufactures a story with visions based on the input that flows through the ears. It depends if you are having pure thoughts, are a possible frustrated psychopath or (like me) hoping for a life saving super bee out to destroy injustice for animals… Larb might made it, but what you think of it is all in your own hands!


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