Neutron Flare – Time


Artist: Neutron Flare
Title: Time
Keywords: Indie Rock, Dreampop, Rock, Experimental, Shoegaze, Soundscape, Kingsport
Reviewer: Johan Nederpel

Time, Space, Matter, Elementary Particles, LHC, Higss BOSON, Planck, Gravitational Waves, Double Slit Experiment, Big Bang, Wave Functions, Dwarf Planets.This had to be the release for this science junky to review. So I grabbed it out of the hands of the other junkies over here and went for a trip trough space and time.

I can only sing Of Joy went I set of in my Space Rocket named ‘Indie’. She is designed to travel near the speed of light so I can witness all the remarkable things that happen in this universe. Setting off on the smooth voice of the singer and his nice guitar riffs.

When we reach the limit between the upper athmosphere and Earth we experience a remarkable Twilight. Post Rock / Shoegaze barrs fly around the spaceship in a calming order and I fall asleep.

In my dreams there are a lot of Ghosts. The hunt me with fierce speed and I can beraly escape. When I wake up bathing in my own sweat I see that one of the ghosts is still with me. I take her with me on my journey and call her Cherry.

Time for Cherry and me to get some much needed relaxation. We travel to our greatest earth orbiting satelite. I give her a Moonlit Dress and ask what she wants to drink. Without an anwser she walks over to me and gives me a hard pad on the back.We both get carried away on the guitar lines.

But then she tells me she has to go away. She gives me a kiss and floats into the distance. She turns into a white ball, gets a drift on the disturbance of the music and vanishes into smoke. I call her my Porcelain Dead.

Time for me to head back home in disappointment. I ride the Waves of harsh distorted guitars while I wonder why I haven’t set out farther into the galaxy when I had the change. When I land safely back on earth I imagine how everything would have gone if I haven’t met Cherry.

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