Lebu Della – Gastrite Sonora

Artist: Lebu Della
title: Gastrite Sonora
Keywords: experimental analogic concrete disembowelment feedback loop harsh noise violence Salerno
reviewer: Simon Hit

Leby Della is clearly cleaning out a hoarders paradise, a place filled until the ceiling with stuff that will make lots of interesting noises when it’s moved around and possibly tossed away. It is an action that won’t be done for nothing as with the help of an all recording microphone, the whole action is recorded with the finest detail. It’s hard to clarify what all these materials are that Lebu Della is throwing and moving around, but believe me, these are noisy materials that you won’t find in every household.

Materials that make strange noises, some clearly still plugged into an electric socket, others more rumbling away and others clearly being smashed around… Something that comes across as a hungry chainsaw cutting a passage through the mess can also be heard, it’s like the cleaner need to go full psycho just to be able to walk through the mess.

I really thought I knew it all when hearing this release, clearly a case of a big attempt to clean up a hoarders paradise, with a firm smirk on my hearing head of ‘Yes this must be IT’. The smile of knowledge quickly disappeared when I saw above video of Leby Della actually making those kind of sounds; this was not the view of a mentalist trying to escape a house full of garbage, this is a video of a manic fireworks (!!!) loving sound lunatic threatening a unexpected audience with sulfur, saltpeter, smoke and loud noises. All in all the vacancy for a true hoarder with some recording equipment and a microphone is still open! Who is going to be this special artist making music out of garbage?

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1 Response to Lebu Della – Gastrite Sonora

  1. Would appear to be right up my alley or narrow corridor from which I stalk and/or patiently wait for cultural nourishment to find its way into my #contemporaryextramedium gullet.

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