Sounddog65 – Improvvisazione per Marghera

artist: Sounddog65
title: Improvvisazione per Marghera
keywords: electronic, abstract, noise, experimental, industrial
label: MAV

I haven’t been writing a music review in a million years, so please allow me to sound a little rusty.
I wouldn’t have crawled back out of my hiding place if my ears didn’t get in touch with this 19 minute (+–) trip by Sounddog65. What can I say, I really love dogs and them in combination with sound and a favorite number of mine (65!) is basically something that hits all the boxes of getting excited.

When hearing this release I could imagine Sounddog65’s tail waggling from left to right and back again; the little doggy must have been very pleased with the output. Normally they would hide it in the garden or some other location if they find something precious, but Sounddog65 is luckily different; throwing it on the internet for all of us to grab and hear.

It’s like a recording of a day in Sounddog65’s life. It starts with the early morning, clearly lazy laying around doing nothing, Then some fun action of Sounddog65 jumping up and down on it’s owner’s bed while farting pleasantly upon the sheets. You could easily hear its fluffy ears flopping around and the bed bouncing like a bouncing castle.

After that Sounddog65 is clearly destroying some textile things; it might be the bedscheets, or perhaps carpet or curtains. Sounddog65 chews on it and rips them apart; good doggy!
After that it seems that Sounddog65 is farting more, but does it in a surprisingly coordinated way. Every fart has the same volume and strength; it seems to attract aliens and sound freaks alike.

Strangely Sounddog65 can then be heard taking a bubble bath. Lots of bubbly bobbly soap & a wet dog’s tail splatting water on the walls. All clean and settled Sounddog65 does something you wont expected to hear; making music! Sounddog65’s owner must have some music equipment in the house as the dog plays a melody that will make a listener stoned without smoking any special substances.

Sounddog65 has clearly a busy day as after the bath and music performance it’s ball play time. Sounddog65 will kick the ball in a hollow sounding space in the house, creating nice echo sounds that we and clearly Sounddog65 self is enjoying to hear. In the owner comes home (guess what?) who happens to be an alien. The End. (or the beginning?)

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