Various Artists – WILD LIFE

Artists: Various
title: WILD LIFE
keywords: experimental, Perth
label: Dog Park

Blasarius Yonder delivers a stunning piece that has nothing to do with the stunning phasers as in Startrek. This stunning piece is all glittery and glowing like a fresh thick slice of bread filled up with a nice layer of butter perfectly waiting and shining for you in the sun. The music is so dense and oily, smooth and tasteful; no cheese should be allowed to be served without it. Of course I’m joking about the food, and the word cheese feels terribly out of place here, but if you see the music as freshly home made butter waiting for you in the sun it’s just something that is unavoidable to add to the imagination. Really love how warm and smooth this is!

HARAAM takes over the compilation with a clear case of respect to the earlier set tone. HARAAM brings a pleasant colliding ambiance drone with field recording artifacts to the mix, somehow they are so nicely arranged that you won’t mind (and properly forget) the repetitions. By going through these sound-repetitions (a car is driving by nonstop?) it feels like if we are experience some kind of David Lynch oddity with flashbacks of short term memories and a lot of unanswered questions. On these sound loops nice and friendly noises can be heard, softly keeping the attention just enough to kindly introduce mature underlying tones that somehow gets a person in that cinematic dream state. It’s like Mullholland Drive without the movie; probably leaving you as a new fan of HARAAM & nonstop talking about this music because you know it is good but can’t say what it is exactly what the story is about. Even the miniature words spoken by a man somewhere in the middle of it all won’t give any answers…

Smiling Monad steers away from vagueness and intellectual entertainment by proving something that is understood and loved by all; wonderful pretty music. With warm tones and a pleasant rhythm Smiling Nomad simply delivers the electronic reason to smile about; all is so nice and lovely; never a harsh moment in sight; more like a tiptoeing heartbeat of an electric friend and fine fragile sounding mellowness.

Sectoral seems more clinical, as if it had taken the track by Blasarius Yonder and placed it in its cooking kitchen, cut it all open like a true professional who knows how to sharpen its knives & how to use them. The strange male humming makes this track come across a bit more creepier, as if the chopped up recycled sounds are ritually chopped up for a ritualistic sacrifice.

The work delivered by Matt Malone is like a desirable attempt to audio poetry named ‘Desire’. It mixes the mood from dark and shimmery into a more warm and romantic industrial mood. Matt first delivers intimate words before letting the music go and do its stimulating thing. The thick sounding layered sound comes across like a hot bed for intimate naked times. It is a shame when it comes to an ending, as in my opinion one hour of this goodness wouldn’t even be enough!

Luckily there is this amazing track by B I R D S that takes over; one warm and melodically mellow. The melody is petite and slow, growing within its lovable fragility while extra sound bites pretend to be the sound of actual conversations birds…it’s a moment of calm love and subtleness, a great example that some kinds of music isn’t only made with instruments and conceptual ideas, but also have a soul inside of it. It’s an interesting soothing listening piece that will calm you down and warm you up like a summer’s day.

Colostomy Baguette throws in the mystique scary blogger side on this compilation. A prominent robotic text to speech voice reads out a life’s story, something that must have been quite a dramatic event while terrifying screaming noises are securing the shivers in the background. The combination is one that turns a told blog post into a horror show that you don’t want to hear before going to sleep; you are warned!

But don’t be all too afraid as a certain John Stevens is also available with a track named ‘M’ that will nurture any listening listener with a so called ‘safe space’ in music form. A wonderful cozy area created by warmly played piano notes. It’s really nice and calm, feeling very short while actually not being all too short; again making me wish it was longer! Lovely!

Trust me, you could probably use all the cuddles and safe space time you could get, as the excellent story telling track by Ghost Skull will be keeping you on the edge of your seat. The story told is gruesome, a murderous man seems to be telling his side of the crime; but the soundtrack in sound is the real thrill creator over here. Perfectly creating the tension until it will create a murderous assault upon the listener itself through loud buzzing ways.

But also here the curator of the release had thought the playlist through and presents a wonderful soothing work by Anthony Cooley to calm anyone down. The music is super impressive over here; with warm crunchy smoothness, thick organ-like tones the artist seems to be able to massage the head space in a most captivating and miraculous way. It puts the saying ‘save the best for last’ again in the lime light of truths! Get this impressive compilation for free at the following link:

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