AwakeChild – Whos’ Loving You

Artist: AwakeChild
Title: Whos’ Loving You
Keyword: EDM
reviewer: Willem van O.

The so called EDM sound of the above pictured AwakeChild is instantly transporting me into a typical summer day while seated next to the hearing range of a FM radio. The radio might be owned by hard laborers switched on for them to keep up the working morale, or by teenagers who sit in the grass holding some kind of picnic and for some odd reason still tune into a popular radio station:Some program that plays summer hits but with a hip fancy electronic sound.

It’s not the radio station that I personally would put on, even though I’m hardly a fan of radio, if there wouldn’t be anything else to listen I would turn the knob all over the airwaves just to find some comfortable radio hiss. If there is talking in between it must be a experimental radio station, if not; it’s probably just radio hiss. (Its a fun game that you could try out…)

But that’s the thing, honesty is important and it’s also fair to recognize that music tastes and listening patterns are (hopefully) different from person to person. The sound of AwakeChild is to me something you would come across to hear on the radio targeting the hip youngster orientated clubbing commercial crowd. Maybe still popping pimples and just driving happily around on scooters; maybe they have a driver license and listen to this kind of music in the car… or perhaps like the official video suggest ; they walk around with a smartphone in one hand and the other a take-away coffee from a popular (but expensive) coffee chain… it’s fine with me, really. 

I guess what I’m trying to say is that it sounds radio friendly, young, trance dance with vocals… you know… well, you would know if you walk around in summertime and pick up those radio stations blasting out of other people’s radios OR maybe you are the one tuned into such a station. I wouldn’t mind if you did, after all you probably wouldn’t be the only one. The information that came with the suggestion to listen to this came with the info that it sounds a bit like ‘Calvin Harris’… it’s a name they probably never play on that experimental radio station with all that hiss, but for some reason the name rings a bell of popularity.

And yes, I think AwakeChild might also become popular after all I can clearly hear that it will blend in perfectly on such a popular radio station, the tracks that I had heard didn’t appear to sound very catchy, but who cares; it will probably cater the youngsters, scooter riders, builders, teenagers and young car drivers with auto radios.

I couldn’t find a website for AwakeChild but setting that one up might be the next step in conquering the radio hit playlist parade. Although who knows AwakeChild might not even need one, I mean with his looks and sounds the material will probably land onto these radio stations before you could say ‘scoobi doobi dooh’… besides his music is available on ITunes, a sign of commercialism at its finest. Hip young radio stations could open up their wallets and dig in deep:

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