Cat Hope – Yume

Artist: Cat Hope
Title: Yume
Keywords: australia electronic experimental silkscreen art cat hope diy record label free jazz noise Moscow
Label: Post-Materialization Music

Sometimes it’s good to have a dictionary at hand as even though it’s fun to rely on thinking that you know it all, sometimes words that you think you know turn out to be something you didn’t have no clue about. For example the word ‘Cat Hope’… I was like you, automatically thinking that it was the way how to describe the hope of a cat, or the hope that the presence of a cat brings. I mean look at those hospitals or elderly houses in which they have cats to stroke and cuddle with and how much love and hope it brings to the elderly and other patients… yes, Cat Hope like this is a amazing thing until you find out that Cat Hope actually means something else. Let me copy & paste the official meaning for you so we can all be enlightened and reeducated:

Cat Hope is an Australian musician and academic, based in Perth, Western Australia. She is best known as a noise, installation and performance artist. She was a founder of the legendary Perth noise duo Lux Mammoth; was a singer, songwriter and bassist in dark indie band Gata Negra, and she also performs solo noise music using bass guitar. Her current projects include a series of works that focus on low frequency called ‘the low grooms’ and a bass improv quartet Abe Sada.

Hope lectures in classical music and music technology at the Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts. In 2000 she was awarded the Pandora’s Box Film Festival Award for best film score. In that year her music was included in the Extreme Music From Women compilation, issued by the Susan Lawly label.”

….yes… you didn’t expected that, right? They should have teached us at school what (or better: Who!) Cat Hope is, but it’s never too late to learn! Through this little research I came across this little likable bombastic Cat Hope release named Yume. (I don’t even dare to search that word up in the dictionary…) But it’s fair to say that Yume is quite yummy in delivering what the official info about Cat Hope had suggested; not your average normal kind of music but hands on bass and experimental material to sit down with and wobble.

As a handy hobbyist I had build the perfect chair for this listening occasion; one with a speaker placed under the seating, creating buzzing thrills transported from the derrière all the way through the entire body. With every day releases played through it there is hardly any fraction or butt cheek stimulation, but when Cat Hope’s Yume plays through it the whole chair is buzzing and shaking pleasantly. My seated behind is vibrating nicely, strangely making it nice and firm as if it had been working out in a gym. It probably has to do with the low frequencies, the thrilling distortion and bass that keeps entering through the chair’s seat into my behind & travels without any bowel interference through the rest of the body; it feels really good, like an internal cleaning and sport school activity at the same time. Oh and the actual music to hear isn’t unpleasant too.

With it’s compact length the thrill bass session will be okay to experience for people of all ages and sizes. If you aren’t as handy to create a special listening chair, you can recreate a similar effect by putting a bass speaker upwards and sit on it as if it’s a chair… maybe not so comfortable, but definitely able to feel this release where it feels the best!


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