Artist: Luna Arakawa
Keywords: experimental abstract avant-garde classicalmodern classical piano Toronto

Luna Arakawa’s newest creation is one that will be happily welcoming you for a nice time of trippingly original entertainment. It’s best not to ask how the Canadian experimentalist had made this as it’s best to just plug in and play. A whole continuation of audio adventure will slide through in which extraordinaire sounds pretend to be jazz, more casual sounds pretend to be from another planet & in the middle sounds drumming and strumming away like they have deep organic roots somewhere in still untouched land on earth.

It’s a nice get together which focuses clearly to create a togetherness that will easily get you onto a psychedelic comfortable journey in which no questions are asked or answered; all is like a mysterious active dream that has more in common with the view from a moving train while a postal stamp with Acid sits under your tongue than a concrete story.

The trip is solid, giving all that it got with every minute and second covered in a interesting parts and discoveries that feels natural and organic, yet light and fair & a classic feel good melodic ending; with music like this (and a pair of magical mushrooms fermenting in your stomach) you’ll be sure to have a good traveling trip.
FUCKYOUSATAN!THISWORLDISMINE is a code name for an ideal escape for anyone who feels that they are in need for one;


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