Tse’emdeh – Telegy in C – dur

Artist: Tse’emdeh
Title: Telegy in C – dur
Keywords: experimental abstract hip-hop fake sitar freak folkminimal progressive psot-thningy psychedelicreconstruction russian rap telegianism too_meta weirdSaint Petersburg

Like theatrical owners of pure D.I.Y. the creator(s) of this recording are going for a really good show. They build it up, start with nothing and grow, grow, grow like a magical beanstalk until you’ll up in the clouds of interesting craziness. They saw, they play twinkly sounds, folksy tunes, desirable friendly vocals in a language that isn’t English; it’s enough fodder to get your head into thinking that you had somehow rolled yourself into an obscure fantasy with strange characters creating it on the go.

The more you go into it, the better it becomes; rough funny guitar howls, priest like togetherness, goblin mumbles and ear & mind expanding mental madness. The theatrical progression feels like an alternative professional school play in which we follow the pied piper into pure happy lunacy. It becomes a happy get together in which horses laugh like jolly hyaenas, stoner junkies sing with their eyes shut and mouth harps are replaced by long nose hairs! What more happiness you could possibly wish for? Join the professional lunatics at the following link:


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