Sascha Müller – 8k Techno Vol. 3

Artist: Sascha Müller
Title: 8k Techno Vol. 3
Keywords: lobit, techno, dance, electronic, Acid, rave, psychedelic, floppy diskette
format: floppy diskette / digital
Label: Wrieuw Recordings

Sascha Müller is the life of the party; without his input a party would just be a bland get together, while with him the party is moving and full of life. There is just one Sascha Müller in the entire world so that could be a problem (the lobit techno legend can’t be everywhere in the world at the same time) but thanks to his prolific excellent output, you could play his soul music everywhere and anywhere.

His material is so bolstering of life and personality that it’s almost as if every track, every release and every sound on them are regarded as his babies. Nothing more personal then Sascha Müller his children proving the joyful beats, claps, basses, high hats and catchy hooks. These kids are clearly not only made with love, they all come properly educated and instructed to provide you (and friends) the best possible dancing vibes a person possibly could wish for. His latest and most freshest album (released on Wrieuw recordings on floppy diskette or free download) is a great example of Sascha Müller’s children full life, energy and precision to get you moving.

The first ‘child’ on this fantastic (dare I say; genius?!) release simply got everything right. It aims at the feet, shoots out the best possible repetitions and when that perfect baseline of pure fun arises there is no escape from the groove. It’s the material that you automatically feel in your body of flesh and bones; it has everything right to make even a statue move happily like a loosened raver.

And that’s a common sense all through this marvelous and lengthy lobit quality album; entertaining dance music perfection. The second track even adds some mysterious dreamy melody on the rhythmic progression that had let me dancing around the neighborhood in a perfect daze. I guess that’s the strength of Sascha Müller’s music throughout the years; it gets stronger, more hypnotic and not to forget; more beautiful. Fans of techno, lobit mellow melodies and ultimate dance psychosis would totally love every single bit of this man’s newest production. In fact this release might be so good that even the haters would probably love it!

Sascha Müller’s music brings people together!

The nice thing with this specific release is that it not only captures from the early beginning, but it also seems to build up track by track, creating an affordable party vibe which gets wilder as the time passes on. The third party anthem goes for a much livelier Acid head theme, giving that blasting beat a perfect wobbling feel that seriously sets any party on fire! And the last one keeps the party pumping but will make sure that the transition into the moment that it’s all over will be a smooth one.. in other words; this is an dance album so professional -full of tracks to be considered Sascha Müller’s beloved children, that it can’t go wrong really! Enjoy this and dance your ass off!


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