Solar Return – 2Rats&4Stars

Artist: Solar Return
Title: 2Rats&4Stars
Keywords: electronic contemporary electronics experimental electronic noise Kitakyushu

Solar Return will start nibbling away under your skin as soon as you dare to put this release on. With nifty little tools it nibbles away the skin, soft and fluffy with sharp teeth like a cute looking hungry squirrel and you as a gigantic nut. Half way in, it will start to urinate while making squeaky cute high pitched dentist noises. I know what you are thinking; what the hell is going on & that’s exactly what I had been thinking when it all happened within my own ears.

The noises soft and fluffy become at the same time loud and hissy & then flip back into the calm mode; for a work that sounds like a hungry squirrel who is dying for the end of your hearing abilities in order to break it off for it to eat your ears like a hungry consumer, it for sure can feel like a tiny bit of a tormenting scene. The high pitched sounds aren’t really there to please anyone, more available to piss someone off by making ones ears rot off for a cute squirrel to nibble on then pampering it with care.

Although there is definitely something pampering about the whole nibbling effect, it’s like little soft teeth made out of cotton that for a large part do the nibbling. In the end it might be fatal, but the process is not unkind or terrifying; after all it can be good fun to be nibbled upon. In fact I know some people who even pay to be nibbled, perhaps not by humans but by small fishes, yet nibbling is nibbling. Sometimes the soft teeth are even out, making the whole nibbling process even more smooth and gentle; a bit like an endless blowjob by a teeth less elderly.

But endless sucking and endless nibbling even with the softest teeth or no teeth at all; it will come at a price. Slowly but surely the process might get uncomfortable, an endless satisfaction might become overwhelming and the pleasure once received from sucking and nibbling might become an overload. Especially when the moment comes when the realization pops in that your comfort isn’t a priority; you’ll be consumed by the endless nibbles and toothless sucking until not only the ears will fall off, but all life had been nibbled (and sucked) out of you…


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