Vitas – Made In China

Artist: Vitas
title: Made In China
keywords: pop, fun, duck

The internet’s favorite meme and the world’s bests tongue maneuverer with the voice of an angel known as Vitas is back with a brand new video and tune. Previously I’ve fallen into the vitas trap when getting to know about the most amazing song and performance of the entire history ‘7th Element’, which features the hero in a space alien costume with the charming looks of a young robotic macaulay culkin, now this legend has grown and has conquered the hearts of many around the world (and still going strong!).

The Russian based (I’m still believing he is an actual alien, so I won’t say he is born there) artist, singer, father and fashion designer rarely gives an interview, and when he does it only more mystery to the artist persona is added. It’s hard to follow what Vitas is up too, traveling the world, the US and his popularity in China is enormous. He sings in Russian and even in Chinese & is carried around (and rightly so) on the hands of his admirers. Vitas is a phenomenal talented phenomenon!

Even though I’m still convinced Vitas is an actual alien, he has been trying to blend in through human activity; taking selfies. He also proofs he is down to earth by stimulating his fans to have some fun with his persona; compiling compilations of Vita’s look-a-likes or other Vita inspired fun! He makes it clear that he wants to make people happy with his talent and in this he totally succeeds.
I would place all his videos in this post, but that would be an endless one, so I really recommend you go to youtube and search for yourself; you’ll be joining the fanclub in rapid speed!

The latest music video is one good example of Vitas attempting to be more human and down with the people (and duck). He had grown his hair and teamed up with his music producer Sergey Pudovkin for a much laid back and unpretentious tune named ‘Made in China’, which in my eyes is a kind reference as he had ‘made it’ in China. Forget big in Japan, China is huge and Vitas is singing (and lovingly wanted) all over the place.

The tune has a very laid back fun mood, and is probably about ducks. The forged Daffy Duck dancing among the dancers in the video is clearly loving it & for some reason unknown you might love it too. I can’t stop playing this tune and everytime it plays it makes me a bit happier above happy. A never ending flow of happiness really. The drum feels very Gorillaz’s Clint Eastwood while the rest is basically Vitas and trusted partner having a good time!
Infectious fun!

for more Vitas, please check the official channels:

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5 Responses to Vitas – Made In China

  1. unexpectedlyyyy goooooeeeeeeed. very very very impressyvo

  2. aleksandr pushkin says:

    Referencing your first paragraph about where he’s from, Vitas isn’t technically Russian. He was born under the Soviet Union, in what is now Latvia, in a town know as Daugavpils.

  3. snowcalmth says:

    You’re right, Aleksandr Pushkin.
    And even beyond that, he is a Latvian-Ukrainian based in Russia.
    Based on him being born in Daugavpils, but he didn’t grew up there, he did so in Odessa/Odesa, which is in Ukraine.
    That being said, he only recognizes his Ukrainian heritage, not his Latvian, as seen with more people who were been born during the time of the Soviet Union.
    Also, he has citizenship of both Ukraine and Russia.

  4. Ana Paula Caruso Silva says:

    So fuckin’ Right, man!!!! Damn i love this song! While my favorite still be Opera 2, Made in china seems to me to be made of oxytocin!!!!

  5. Nuke says:

    Jeeezzz I burst out laughing that you insisting he is an alien,who else doesn’t believe that? He is from another planet definitely pretending to be a lovely husband and father of human seed. Nice vlog ,I love Vitas and I love your way of writing as well. So much fun reading this article plus watching this Made in China quality MV. So weird seeing him this look with those ridiculous outfit and a bit chubby but he is always cute !!!

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