Jim Wylde – Songs for the Brokenhearted from the Departed

Artist: Jim Wylde
title: Songs for the Brokenhearted from the Departed
keywords: improvised dark ambient| emotive IDM | emoscape
format: Cassette (30 copies) / digital
label: IO SOUND http://iosound.ca

Jim Wylde takes on an emotional path and invites us listeners to join him. Doing so is easy, you don’t even have to actually walk, and you just get Songs for the Brokenhearted from the Departed (his latest album) and hit the ‘play’ button. In an instant the magic will appear in the form of a winterish sounding track named ‘Frost Patterns’. It is winterish but far removed from cold; more like the happening of sitting around the dinner table with a comfortable heather warming you and loved ones up, while outside the windows are frozen and the landscape white from snow.

The pleasantly emotional piece named ‘Sometimes, Near the End’ will make its way into your ears. It’s a more minimal piece, as if Jim Wylde had removed all his possible masks and bares his soul within the music for everyone to touch, see and feel. With a warm melody the producer creates a calming mood that sounds honest and direct. When Jim had send this album in for review he mentioned not to be worried if I wasn’t into it…’ Who on earth would not be into this? I can only think of people with no ears and soulless psychopaths; it is lovely and so very human (in the good sense of the word)…

This humanity shines through the entire album; an sincere sounding melodic progress that seem to have come straight from Jim’s soul, transported to his hands and fingers in order to translate it in music with his music instrument of choice. Even though there is definitely a tone of sadness in ‘How We Break Each Other’ there is also love to be heard and equal will to try to fix things.
The music is not only a way to getting to know Jim Wylde’s personal side, but also makes him instantly a person who proofs to be able to compose through pure emotion. Even a huge amount of distortion on the melodic mellow drama titled ‘To the Stars With You Then’ can’t hide this fact of purity. Jim plays the music here as if we are moving into the great sky, seeing stars after a wonderful night of romance and passionate sex; an eargasm of pure delight.

‘When Everythng Fell Away’ feels like the moment when heaviness is slowly slipping of a person’s shoulders. The burden of things, perhaps a troubled relationship is slipping away to create a feeling of acceptance. It still feels heavy emotional wise, but somehow it feels like a new start at the same time too.

Without You is as if Jim Wylde is thinking back fondly of someone he loves so dearly, translated in unpretentious melody. Every note that you can hear is one made out of love.
These Things Devour Themselves’ keeps this mood of purity and emotion, while ‘Maybe This Time’ throws in a nice start & stop motion, giving a more experimental touch to the music.

With ‘Finalities’ Jim Wylde throws once again the distortion in, as if to underline that this is far from over! Loudly his guitar strings can be heard, howling in the night like a wolf paying respect to the moon. This is an album of pure emotion, humanity and sometimes animal instinct!

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