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Various Artists – WILD LIFE

Artists: Various title: WILD LIFE keywords: experimental, Perth label: Dog Park Blasarius Yonder delivers a stunning piece that has nothing to do with the stunning phasers as in Startrek. This stunning piece is all glittery and glowing like a fresh … Continue reading

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Sounddog65 – Improvvisazione per Marghera

artist: Sounddog65 title: Improvvisazione per Marghera keywords: electronic, abstract, noise, experimental, industrial label: MAV I haven’t been writing a music review in a million years, so please allow me to sound a little rusty. I wouldn’t have crawled back … Continue reading

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Djet – Essential Insensible

Artist: Djet Title: Essential Insensible Label: Noise-Joy Cat#: NJMP3-0275 Keywords: Leftfield, Noise, Glitch, Electro, Downtempo, Experimental Reviewer: Alex Spalding This is one of my fave albums from my Noise-Joy label project, so it is with something akin to sheer, unadulterated … Continue reading

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Various Artists – Smells Like Christmas Spirit

Artists: Various Title: Smells Like Christmas Spirit Label: Small Bear Records Cat#: Unknown Keywords: Alternative, Indie, Shoegaze Reviewer: Alex Spaldingclaus ‘Twas a month before x-mas And all through the West, Lots of people were sleeping (They needed the rest) For … Continue reading

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Lebu Della – Gastrite Sonora

Artist: Lebu Della title: Gastrite Sonora Keywords: experimental analogic concrete disembowelment feedback loop harsh noise violence Salerno reviewer: Simon Hit Leby Della is clearly cleaning out a hoarders paradise, a place filled until the ceiling with stuff that will make … Continue reading

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Neutron Flare – Time

Artist: Neutron Flare Title: Time Keywords: Indie Rock, Dreampop, Rock, Experimental, Shoegaze, Soundscape, Kingsport Reviewer: Johan Nederpel Time, Space, Matter, Elementary Particles, LHC, Higss BOSON, Planck, Gravitational Waves, Double Slit Experiment, Big Bang, Wave Functions, Dwarf Planets.This had to be … Continue reading

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LARB – the story of

Artist: LARB Title: the story of Keywords: experimental, noise Label: Attenuation Circuit *Mike “Mystery Hearsay” Honeycutt and Zan “Zanstones” Hoffman met in the mid 1980s on a road trip to see Einstürzende Neubauten in Atlanta. Recordings together started then and … Continue reading

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Hector Pizarro – Primo Ilich

Artist: Hector Pizarro Title: Primo Ilich Label: Noise-Joy Cat#: NJWAV-0002 Keywords: Techno, Downtempo, Experimental, Minimal Reviewer: Alex Spalding Hey, uhhhhhh… oh, right, welcome to another music review, this time for a single released almost a decade ago on my old … Continue reading

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Artist: Ethrelite Title: ⎔ DIGITAL_DREAM_ESCAPE ⎔ Label: Museum of Skin Cat#: MOS010 Keywords: Electronic, Ambient, Avant-garde, Experimental, Future Prog, Lounge, Soundtrack, Vaportrap Reviewer: Alex Spalding Somehow, it’s 2016, and the human species still hasn’t exploded, or melted, or whatever apocalyptic … Continue reading

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 Renaldo & The Loaf – Behind Closed Curtains (1979 experimental)

Artist: Renaldo & The Loaf Title: Behind Closed Curtains (1979 experimental) Keywords: experimental r&tl renaldo and the loaf the residentsweirdo ambient ralph records Madison Label: Secret Records If you go behind the closed curtains of Renaldo & The Loaf … Continue reading

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