FLAUNT – The Antics of More Youthful Times

Artist: FLAUNT
Title: The Antics of More Youthful Times
Keywords: Indie, Rock, Pop, Acoustic, Electronic, Alternative

After the lengthy release named RAVE NOIR (18 songs & videos!) the mysterious band named Flaunt has been cooking up the perfect gift for the upcoming New Year; a compact quality EP named The Antics of More Youthful Times. (Available to hear through SoundCloud on 25 December and will be released world-wide at all the digital shops from 6 January!) Exciting times indeed!

On this EP Flaunt somehow managed to magically mix and matches far edged cultures and styles within a couple of the tracks, creating a kind of fusion that is pretty much out there on the scale of originality. The power sits in that these ‘get togethers’ are sounding very natural, as if they have always been close to each other.

The release starts with the eclectic sounding track named ‘Outbreak‘. Here a mix of guitar and modern day electronics are combined with neatly sounding programmed beats and slick male vocals. The tune features an epic guitar solo alongside stimulating piano tones before slipping into a final conclusion. The original blend of it all takes a bit of time to grow into, but with Flaunt not being afraid of giving the music (and the listeners) the space that it deserves; its swing will definitely capture the listener before it is all over.

The tune ‘Something Different’ is a great example of Flaunt’s original approach and open mindedness music-wise could do. The track clearly puts on a multicultural vibe that successfully mixes alternative western pop rock with a certain Indian ethnic feel. This is a surprisingly good combination that resulted in a happy danceable work which brings seemingly cultural worlds far apart close together; it would be just as easily at home in Europe or the airwaves of the US as in the backdrop of a fancy Bollywood setting!

Then there is ‘Send my love’ which will conquer hearts with a nice introduction created by a shimmering guitar melody that slowly but surely gives way to a super thick rolling beat. When this kicks in guitar sounds instantly jump in along with clean cut vocals on a fine infestation of excellent baselines. The production of the sound deserves some great credits; even though the track might come across bombastic as it rocks out in a hypnotic way, every layer is perfectly hearable, none is distorted or in each other’s way. there must be some kind of technical audio engineer at work here who simply knows how to make a track sound fat while still keeping each input clean and direct. If you care about technical things; use a headphone and hear all the quality details. If not; blast it from the speakers and blow yourself away!

‘Into The Sky’ is a joy for the ears, going for a soul pop mix with a very pleasant repetitive piano loop, a laid back four by four feel good groove with a fine positivity shining through. The cowbell and stimulating horn section will generate happiness as the singer sings in a very happy way to look at the sky! Personally this song is one of the favorites; it just comes across a bit more simple, a nonchalant sign that fits a bright day and a instantly good mood.

The EP slips from the bright side into a heavier feel with ‘Real Life Is Not So Cool’. Although the actual music is made with sounds that are quite bright and colorful, the vocals and flow are one that would fit a moment of facing harsh reality, one in which life might be a drag of dissatisfaction and pain; dare I mention the keyword ‘depression’?

The EP will lift up with the powerful power ballad named ‘Endless Vision’. Here Flaunt seem to gather the strength again to face up to the world. In a balanced way of emotional sentiment and pure strength the tune showcases two sides of one story. With moody guitar work and a voice that lids up the song the view of a fist rising up in the sky can be envisioned as the strong vocals howl to the moon in pure determination.

To go out on a bright fun way Flaunt ends this EP with ‘Genghis Khan’, a semi-acoustic happy-maker that would single handedly getting rid of the besmeared reputation of mister Khan himself. The band sounds flawless and good spirited on this tune, giving a nice flair with human beat boxing, easy strings and infectious sunny singing; good fun!

With this upcoming EP and the act brewing on a full length album for the next year we can assume that this will certainly not be the last thing we will hear from this mysterious Flaunt! But for now, let’s listen to the single and count the days for the entire EP to drop!

To reveal more of the mysterious Flaunt, check out Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/c/FlauntMusic
or these other fine online Flaunt homes:

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