Burt Murder- Murder Hollywood

Artist: Burt Murder
Title: Murder Hollywood
Keywords: 80s disaster rock oldies pop sneaker rockbeachhouse disaster rock dog jazz funk punk garagelow fi ty segall Pine Plains
Reviewer: Mother Theresa 

Burt Murder makes sure to put some slack on its own album like a true tormented artist, saying it’s trash while actually it isn’t trash at all. If it was and you find it in the bin there will be a really big chance that you would fish it out before it is being brought to the trash fields.

You see the music from Burt Murder has more class then the average release, it has a atmosphere as if it had come from a different time and age; maybe the seventies, the early eighties ? Oh the seventies early eighties… such classy times! I guess it’s to do with the sounds and the Stoney Maloney feels that sparkle nicely through the album.

The colorful tones and the nice touches from the friendly choir of happiness really helps a ton to make this album not one to toss away in your recycling bin, but clearly lovely enough to be kept in its original shape and size. You might dust it off regularly by playing it much more than once, but in general nothing needs to be fixed or changed; its pretty as it is.

Hold it in the lime light, put it on display and you feel instantly happy with Burt Murder’s diversity in music, this anti-trash has nice pop moments, surfing the surf vibe rock moments and other quality moments in general. Even Burt Murder’s singing voice sounds classy; a true music man with passion who is to classy (or shy) to admit (or see?) that his music are high up there on the classy quality lists of lists of goodness. I can’t put my finger on it, but his love for good music shines through and feels like a passionate kind fire. If this is trash than I am mother Theresa.

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