Numen – Sucesivo

Artist: Numen
Title: Sucesivo
Keywords: experimental, folk, experimental, Mexico

Numen has numerous success stories captured on Sucesivo. Maybe they aren’t explicitly told with words and a narrative, perhaps they aren’t even real stories at all; but they for sure feel very successful in being compact, cute and probably a bit weird. Oh and before you put this away as an oddity; there is plenty of mesmerizing prettiness too.

It gives enough space for your own imagination to fish up things and give these soundtracks some kind of visualization. For some reason I imagine a Humpty Dumpty egg form babbling away on a wall within a track named ‘grupo’ , I also thought up a beer pecking feather tongue clicking bird with an eraser armed with a mouth and a sweet voice on ‘concepto’. It’s pretty much minimal food for a broad space out mind.

Some kind of spastic figure with too much saliva, rasping cucumber slices in the sun with ‘Sueño Ligero B(b)”…I don’t know…All these tracks are minimal, original and pretty different & all very successful in this aspect. They all come across as if they want to tell us something and yet it isn’t at all very clear or concrete what it wants to tell. Successfully putting music towards you that you yourself can throw your own imagination in and hopefully (with the right mindset) clay something out of it. Even if you clay a turd; it would probably a successful golden one.
The examples are endless, i mean for example Descontextuakización has something of a lost cowboy, while Punti de Apoyo feels more like an rhythmic saliva, spit, fart technology exchange… in the end it’s all just up to you. Jimenez provides the audio bread and you could put on your own edible bits of imagination.


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