Gender Sabotage – Gender Studies

Artist: Gender Sabotage
Title: Gender Studies
Keywords: HNW, harsh noise wall, noise
Label: Deadline recordings

After a introduction Gender Sabotage kicks of the sound of Gender Studies. You can clearly hear the sound of those studying the gender from a minuscule close distance range. These brains crack and crackle nicely as if information, facts and new study points are all transporting throughout the left, middle and right side.
They are clearly highlighting that for a study like this, a full working brain is needed.

Gender Sabotage clearly thought this true, not by giving details but by proceeding to feed the microphone the sound of real information processing. It’s as if you are listening to the brain of a really smart intellectual all wired up to a machine to record its thinking functions. It’s a really good thing to hear, but clearly to smart for anyone not on that same level to translate into concrete conclusions of what to bake from these gender studies.

There might even be a chance that if we could understand Gender Sabotage, being intellectually equal as this intelligent brainwave recorder, we still get screwed as after all the fine recording artist might as well sabotage the gender studies. So all in all it might be best to just be dumb, listen to gender studies with no knowledge , prejudices and expectations; just enjoy the crackling sound and shut up:


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