Keldari station – Say Goodbye to Ground Control


artist: Keldari station
title: Say Goodbye to Ground Control
keywords: chillout, electronic, experimental, rock, analogue, dub, space, rock, spacedub, synthesizer, synthpop, Denver

Alright, I’m not going to lie to you folks. I have to look at a review in order to get that first intro thing down. I can never remember how it’s all supposed to go.

That’s not all that important. Was is important is this album. This whole thing here. It’s gotten off to a good start (I’m listening to this as I’m typing so this might be a very wordy review).

This thing, this album, if you were to constrain these tones with the limitation and patheticness known as the human expression of written language is called Say Goodbye to Ground Control. It’s by Keldari station. Good times.

I don’t remember the the titles of the songs, so I’m going to be swtiching between tavbs to go check them out. Anyways, this first track goes by Running. Apparently our two lovely cosmonauts (featured on the cover) are running to catch their brains. Now, I don’t know about you but brains would be very useful for the whole space exploration gambit. Hopefully, they catch them but we’ll have to see if the next track continues their story. Anywho, got some like sweet ass bass, some good ol drums and like the guitar-esque synth comin in at the end. OH AND THERE ARE VOCALS. HO SHIT. THEY GOING FOR THE WHOLE ENSEMBLE. I will have to say I am more than ok with this guys voice. I can’t tell you how many times I have come across some bullshit voices that don’t work with the track but these works great. OH NO. I THINK THEY ARE ACTUALLY SAYING DREAMS AND NOT BRAINS. Fuck, I fucked up. My bad friends.

Ok, so Running isn’t over but it’s definitely the outro so I’m moving on to writing the next bit about uh…Lucky! Some fuckin chimes and robot sounds. Then into some sort of keyboard thing. OH FUCK. Some bell, a very satisfying percussion section. Damn, this song structure is on motherfuckin point

Before, I lose this thought, I’m hoping our two lost cosmonauts like get it on, on their voluntold home, and start like a space society, and eventually they build mechs and then fuck over those Inner Sphere jerks. Haha, lies, I don’t care that much about MechWarrior, but I am always down for spacefucks.

Ok, back to Lucky. Sends like a good feel vibe. Like love each other, don’t focus on the negativity. I mean, that’s cool n all. I kind of live for the terrible. Not saying I go out of my way for terrible things but I seem to straddle the line, maybe buck my hips a bit, in the inbetween space of really fucked up and normal society. Anywho, we’re getting distracted. Oh snap, paradigm shifts in the perspective. Like ok, that’s what the lyrics are saying. This isn’t turning into a very good review. I’m gonna try and pick shit up throughout the rest of it here.

Ah. This title I can get behind. BlackWhole. Ah man, it started all gargly (just how I like me holes) but then it gets all chill and mysterious. Some desperate space screams come out. Haha, this track is absolutely hilarious and amazing. Live comps ftw. I feel like I’m docking with the station (not in like the whole foreskin maneuver although that’d be pretty fun too). Such a great ride indeed.

OK that ended abruptly. I didn’t even have time to get my dick out of my pants, but it’s ok because Quantum Singularity comes out with a body rockin beat. Gonna be makin all sorts of love to and with this song. Oh sweet, the story continues. Oh snap, maybe this will be the track where Bartholomew and Katarina-B (I named them, seeing as they have started to grow on me like a pet, or a tumor if you’re into more morbid shit)(and by them I mean the cosmonauts). Bartholomew came from a wealthy family, and Katarina-B was cloned from his dead sister so he doesn’t have any qualms when eventually it is partly his task to populate the planet. “It might be the exact genetic code of my sister, but she’s a clone! I’m not actually related to her!” Ok, I’m not all that sorry that it got weird, but shit have you seen 3D porn comics? That scenario is straight from one of those, and the art is so close that it can only hope to inspire hot action. Coupled with this track ya just gotta do the do. Then you have to dance. Because yeah. Super groovy vibes a happenin here.

Pins of White on the Shroud. That’s the next one. To be honest, with a title like that, I’m feeling this has to be an ambient track. I mean, so far we are not wrong. This shit is fucking beautiful so I’m not like 100% smug that I called it but if you were to look at me now, you’d say, my god man, are you ok? You look terrible! I would respond “Please, as my honored guest you must pass the three challenges.” Then the wall would crumble away and you’d be in a misty jungle ruin. Ok I had a lot more there but lord almighty, Heaven ain’t got shit on this because this track is chill AF. I mean holy crap are those electric digeridoos? Sanctify these beavers before they get out of control. Oh my. Then some sort of words but I can’t distinguish them. This track has so much fucking soul it’s ridiculous. Almost like an artificial or plastic soul as David Bowie might say but a soul nonethefuckingless. Seriously, that was a fucking amazeballs track.

Into the Light comes in, breaking us from ethereal serenity, only to put us back in and into mechanical practicality. Some sort of robot cow bell is going off in the distance. It doesn’t need more. It’s just right. Aw, this track is fun. Like a slightly fun, sinister and melancholy to the vocals. I like this. I’m glad they messaged us. I’m glad that we reviewed them before. I want us all to be happy in our own musical spheroid thingamajigs. I mean I’m sure this is suppoed to be some reed instrument but I immediately hoped it some accordion all decked out in electronic goodies. Guess it be the flute. Either way it is mesmerizing. Oh the say the name of the song in the song. That’s amazing. We get our flute thingy back with some mechanical smacks. WEEEE WOOOO WHOOOOA. Some other synth, very familiar but in my non sober state I cannot recall the actual thing that I know it is. Fuck, it’s on the tip of my proverbial tongue. My apologies readers. Oh hey it’s the Voice! Well he’s saying the same thing again. I guess that makes sense and then he keeps going and them bam outro. WOo.

We on to the next. L’Enfant Univers is the next one. Does this mean Infant Universe? I don’t know French for shit so I mean apologies to all of you out there that speak French as well as the other romance languages. God damn we gettin down in this shit. You got a head bop out of me. I’m imaginin cruisin down the space dock, lettin people check out your sweet afterburners. Also seems like we head into some form of swanky lounge. Oh snap, there’s a lizardman with a toupee, black blazer, black pants, and a crimson button up. It is trying to seduce us with dance. We look longingly into its eyes but then John Travolta busts in (not the John Travolta of now, the John Travolta of Saturday Night Feverm hell we could make a movie called Saturnday Night Fever amirite?), and entwines around our alien friend and they and twist and turn and combine into Travolizard and float into the sun and melt into goo. I really lost it on that one. Let’s see if I can bring it back. Probably not and my jaw hurts from the chew tobacco. Ah, this sweet guitar comes in. Then the piano carries us away. Good times. Felt like I was birthed there. Am I saying I am the universe? Well yes, but we all knew I was that conceited. Holy crud this thing is going on forever. I don’t mind but mein gott. I blame the chemicals not the song. I’m sorry song. It’s not your fault.

Oh fuck this is some like good fuckin old school techno great shit ness. Blip it straight to my heart and then pad the heart with some sweet tones. Oh no I remember the taste of Copenhagen. Oh shit the voice. It is it good. It said ground. We’re swimming now. Running, Motion and ear.s

Ok I’m gho=ing to go mediatte now. I passed by the klast two tracks buyt they are good to. Thank you for stopping by. Pick it up over here becauce it is solid unlike my shit when I took a stimulant laxative Wednesday night. SO yeah. I’m saying it’s dense and has depth. Buy uiit alrrwady tyou fucks.




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