Bottlesmoker – Anima

Artist: Bottlesmoker
Title: Anima
Format: floppy diskette / digital
Keywords: electronic indonesia lobit bottlesmoker electronicafloppy disk toytronica wrieuw Southend On Sea
Label: Wrieuw Recordings

Indonesian based (and worldly enjoyed!) Bottlesmoker’s latest release is so cute, pleasant and superbly friendly. When you play it to the elderly they will automatically start the process of turning back time & become young again. Young enough to be flexible and happy to dance along the lovely sounding music named Anima. The title is a well chosen one as it’s for sure a tune to be animatedly excited about. My jaws are hurting from the smile it had given me…

What a surprise to hear such a beauty being released on the perfect floppy diskette format, one storage device that against all odds proofs itself time and time again how great and easy it is. The cuteness of ‘Anima’ will astound you into cheerfulness with its happy melody, energetic baselines and uplifting feel-good mood. It’s very short but will be much longer when played on repeat & with its poppy structure, doing so would turn it into an excellent hit. Just repeat it until your jaws hurt from smiling… a tiny break might be adviced before hitting the repeat and play button again for more.


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