Holy Void – II

Artist: Holy Void
Title: II
Format: mini CD
Keywords: holy void, drone, ambient, experimental, dark

After the tremendous success of the first floppy diskette release by Holy Void, the producer has come back with a miniature CD with a dark space-themed cover. The music available to find on there is as mysterious as it can get. Think of indeed darkness, something along the line of the ‘I switched off the lights and can hardly see a thing’ kind of darkness.

Not that there isn’t anything to hear, on the contrary; there is lots to hear, but what it exactly is? Well if I had a torch or another light source available I might have had known the answer; for now I just feel it’s tremendous darkness created by deep melodic baselines that sounds like it could come from the dark forces of the dark side.

You know the one from that popular movie… that dark clothed person with a gigantic asthma inhaler for a head; Darth Vader… would suit it. If he had enough of his own theme tune and needed a bit more vague and darker sound, just so he could go for a surprise attack of some kind; this release by Holy Void might be totally up his Death Star. It has this cinematic drama effect of something strong and determent enough to give orders to a floating bunch of space ships to blow up the little turd that is earth; Creating a Holy Void for it instead.


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