Steenbreek – Leven in Leuven

Artist: Steenbreek
Title: Leven in Leuven
Keywords: devotional noise rock stijg stijg op Brandwijk

“This the second Steenbreek album. Most songs where recorded in a basement in Leuven, Belgium. Steenbreek does not write songs, Steenbreek only improvises songs. All these tracks where created out of enjoyment and with the hope that this will be contagious.”

We at YIKIS might not write or improvise songs, we certainly do understand the attitude of the Belgian Steenbreek; we do not write reviews, we improvise them. All of our reviews are (probably?) created out of enjoyment in the hope that it will be somehow contagious. Surprise, surprise here is another one:

So Steenbreek with its descent explanation in the English language didn’t mention that these improvised songs are made in the Belgian language. How is it called… Flemish? It’s a particular language, a bit fanatic, poetic perhaps, like a dada poetry session with an attitude. I’m not going to translate or debunk what these songs are about, but see the words as a strange sound coming out of a human that functions as a instrument. It’s sometimes dropping softly in the music and at other times easily taking the lead; it makes me think of being at a birthday party with only one guest that can’t stop talking. It’s great when that happens as you might be able to wire your brain to filter the talkative person out and drink and eat all there is without having to share it with anyone.. yes, you talk; I’ll drink and eat! It’s a great deal!

But like every birthday party, it won’t be fun if there wouldn’t be a good time without some laid back fun music. If you take away the language barrier, the improvised music here is certainly providing the atmosphere for a nice time. The tracks are very human, created with probably flutes, whistles, mouth harp, shaker, perhaps car-horns, guitars and some random stuff to hit (is that a cooking pan?). Whatever it is that Steenbreek has available whatever that fits can be used as everything seems to be gathered to create this right mood and atmosphere. One that makes you feel like you can be who you are, no need to pretend or be at your Sunday’s best…

I think that is what makes this album nice, just the whole whatever vibe that isn’t in your face, more like a ‘join us’ chapter. I’m sure if you feel like singing, playing some instrument or non instrument , or simply make some funny noises along with these songs and tracks by Steenbreek it will not only be appreciated by Steenbreek itself, but also wouldn’t feel out of place or odd at all. If anything; Steenbreek gives the unpretentious mood that might be infectious enough to join in! You might even want to try to sing Flemish too! All is good!

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