The Trashmen – Downtown Trash

Artist: The Trashmen
title: Downtown Trash
keywords: 8 track 8track argentina experimental collage experiemental experiment improvisation jazz and improvised music noise soundcollage trashmen usa virginia Argentine
label: Adaptador Records

You got to respect The Trashmen, they always do the dirty job others wont or don’t want to do. They stand behind dirty special designed driving trashcans, drive all over the place to get off and toss trash inside the vehicle. Some of them even have brooms, cleaning the floor after they hijack the trash for a little memorable ride.

The huge amount respect that I have for The Trashmen doesn’t flinch for a bit when finding out that these men make music too. I wasn’t really surprised though, because you need something to do along the way; some dance behind the driving trash & others want to be a little bit more creative. All of them smell like rotten eggs and that is totally alright!

These Trashmen here made an album dedicated to Downtown Trash, a semi love letter to the times they spend among the Downtown Trash created in odd trashy audio collages of their favorite music for on the road, from the trashy crap available in saloons to trash made with guitars. The most lovable parts are the alien bits in which The Trashmen proof ones and for all that even alien life forms are found among the trash. (some men in black probably toss them by the trash in order to get rid of the evidence…)

The overall sound of the 12 tracks on this album is being smothered together by an unmistakable trashy sound; one that crackles unmistakably in your ears in such a dirty way that after wards (out of solidarity?) you would definitely want to take a shower and clean yourself up! Got to respect The Trashmen!

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