Graffiti Mechanism – Somewhere In Scotland

Artist: Graffiti Mechanism
Title: Somewhere In Scotland
Keywords: electronic, ambient, IDM, lobit
Label: 8Ravens

Graffiti Mechanism is back with a brand new free release that will deliver instant bliss for anyone who jumps onboard. The album is filled with mesmerizing ambient works that feels like it’s coming out of an aphex twin chapter in which all is superbly relaxed as if the genius mixed music with heroin. The gorgeous repetitive melodies might be minimal but are ever changing, slightly becoming more closer, sharper until it fades away; like a lovable papercut full of warm memories.

Graffiti Mechanism has clearly an unending love to give and he clearly does succeed with all these heart warming mellow melodies that are cheerful, happy and full of blessings; the music is highly emotional with super sweet orgasmic angel-like prettiness; it’s an out of this world showcase of petite sounding never ending love, produced by a human who is clearly having the biggest heart. A magnificent person who manages to put all his care and love within the wonderful music. I’m in love with this music and trust me; so shall you!

Graffiti Mechanism creates such a pure and holistic vibe of vibrations full of honest love that it’s almost like looking at the beautiful clear soul of a Devine creature. It’s music that will ‘touch’ you like a magical healing session of pure light.

Even Berry Webs are given a pretty and honorable mention within this wonderful release. Graffiti Mechanism makes everything subtle and fine that upon listening you feel like you have somehow stumbled upon heavenly grounds. See it as a pre-show for the afterlife when you have been living the good way, but also a non exclusive one; also available for anyone who behaves badly:this album is for all of us who loves and appreciates electronic lobit love… absolutely beautiful!


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