YoukoHeidy / Harsh Noise Movement

Artists: YoukoHeidy / Harsh Noise Movement
Title: YoukoHeidy / Harsh Noise Movement
Keywords: experimental harsh noise harsh noise wallharshnoise wall hnw industrial japanese noise japanoisenoise United Kingdom

If you love distortion you got to love YoukoHeidy. They might be very different from each other but they seem to be related like smoke and fire. But only distortion wouldn’t be enough to get excited about, YoukoHeidy also provides plenty of energetic energy within this lovable distortion. It’s a marriage that is very appealing to punks, energy lovers, hard hearing people and noise fanatics alike. YoukoHeidy knits ravers and punks together with that distortion as the wool to create these energy inducing party times from. A good example of YoukoHeidy’s art is how the ‘burning of a corpse’ is represented on this release; it’s with beats drained in red sauce of harshness that makes you feel alive again. I don’t know, personally I already love distortion, but it’s the energetic never ending burst of energy coming from this artist that makes these noisy tracks stand out from the noise crowd.

The iconic cover corresponding track ‘scorpion’s incest’ goes for a similar good vibe; heavenly coated in harsh distortion but with a great flow and rhythm to enjoy noise and dance at the same time. In all honesty, I think it’s a marvelous thing when sound gets that pulse of life through. YoukoHeidy’s sound is moving, very alive, super noisy, super armed with a great flow and that distortion is one that buzzes fiercely in the stomach like an amazing feeling that no one else (except YoukoHeidy!) is able to get precisely right.
The voice that is coated in the harshness is like a child saying enthusiastically ‘Yippee” and that’s the best way how to describe how this music makes me feel; Yippee!

The split wouldn’t be a split without the other artist/producer/project. Here it’s Harsh Noise Movement who clearly has the love for noise and distortion in common with YoukoHeidy, however the approach and result is entirely different. The first work has a much more flushing flow, something that feels like it’s blowing the mind for a ultimate cleanup, a clear nasal spray that is a beautiful shit storm for the ears and a high pressure water canon applied to the brain. It’s not really a party anthem or the sound to happily dance upon, yet it’s a great moment to come clean and clear after the Yippee moment of the music done by the other artist.

Atari Horse Slash Guts is the continuation of the split, harsh but fun with lots of happy singing and even space for clownish out-of-the-mind dancing. Perhaps a crazy pogo wouldn’t be out of place here! The noise of Harsh Noise Movement pisses all over you, but it does so in a much more energetic way, instantly resurrecting the party goers back from the grave and doing some famous harsh noise dance moves! And that’s what makes this split into a perfect one; both artist cooked up a nice blistering bulge of energy into this noisy realm of distortion & instead of getting smashed and beaten up into a depression; they seem to kick your ass and bring back the laughter and fun into the harshness! Who cares about the poison of the scorpion when these tracks make you feel so very much alive! Wicked stuff!


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