Jonathan Fraser – Lost Within Your Dreams

Artist: Jonathan Fraser
Title: Lost Within Your Dreams
Keywords: acoustic alternative chillout dark ambient droneemo folk indie folk instrumental melancholy noise post rock instrumental post-folk post-rock shoegazeHuntington Beach

Fraser is world wide known for the sitcom named ‘Fraser’, but did you know that Jonathan Fraser has the honorable job to put the name ‘Fraser’ into the hall of legends, not just for comedy but this time specific for the Fraser side of music making? Jonathan Fraser singlehandedly puts the family name in the golden light of the audio and compositional arts, with beautiful strumming, colorful pretty strings and tickling rapid fingers and even stereo effects he creates a fine name for himself in the Fraser family tree.


the sitcom Fraser

And rightly so, as this specific Fraser proofs with his album named ‘Lost Within Your Dreams’ that he might be the artist that the very first Fraser of its kind had been hoping to conceive somewhere in the family. With his wonders of works and the help of many of his talented music friends Jonathan Fraser rocks the fantasies with emotionally charged goodness. There will be no doubt that his ancestors would be so proud of Jonathan Fraser, in fact even you and me shall feel proud when hearing Jonathan Fraser’s music achievements on this album. Seeing the many supporters who supported this release the feeling must be contagiously infectious; everyone loves Fraser!

By the way did anyone here ever seen Fraser? I mean Jonathan Fraser? Perhaps not in reality but in your dreams? How did he look like? Did he talk? Did he perform? Did he do gigs in your dreams? I’m just curious as he never showed up in mine and I’ve got plenty of dreams and was kind of worried that if he was indeed lost within your dreams that it would be difficult to have him visit mine, or even work on a follow up album… he must return somehow and go to family meetings for an special day of honor and appreciation; I mean Jonathan really puts the family name back on the map! so if you see this musical Fraser, can you please tell him to come on over & to make more music like this? Thanks!

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