Lyra Project – God Put A Smile Upon Your Face

Artist: Lyra Project
title: God Put A Smile Upon Your Face
keywords: alt pop, acoustic, video
reviewer: Simon Hit

Where do we go to draw the line? Where do we go to put a smile back on the face?
I would say the lines will come from the local credit card and powdery content of the local drug lord, and the smile might be applied by a good plastic surgeon. Even the worst case of resting face a doctor can lift up in a good smile, it might cost a bit, might involve a lengthy time period with your head in bandage; but still it’s possible. Although not everybody likes to be cut by a scalpel, injected with Botox and other artificial surgery to get that smile upon the face…


where to draw the line?

no, others have drawn an alternative line and become holy believers of the good old lord, the man who hangs out in the great sky, looking down to earth as his vibrant creation and science project. Lyra Project (a duo made out of Debra Lee & Rick Denzien) seems to be promoting this way of returning the smile upon a sacked face above the ones down behind the close doors of a plastic surgery, with their song ‘God Put a Smile Upon Your Face’ they seem to promote an alternative way of returning youth and beauty to your facial looks.

But are they so sure that it works? The song goes ‘your guess is as good as mine’ which sounds not very convinced, yet the tune seems to be pretty sure of what it stands for. Perhaps it’s just not that easy to find the big man in the sky, not as easy as going to a doctor with an operating table. Both cases you might never know the outcome, but at least the doctor has an office mentioned in the telephone book. The other one might need a bit of luck, a lot of good faith and perhaps this video of the singer (Debra Lee) of Lyra Project hanging out on the graveyard in a black cape to convince you to do the same… It’s the place to ask questions and the clothing style that might replace the bandage of the average facial doctor… I don’t know, your guess is as good as mine…

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