Merzbob – men’s nipples

Artist: Merzbob
Title: men’s nipples
Keywords: boston experimental hip hop drone drone ambientexperimental hip-hop noise Dudley
Reviewer: Simon Hit

The world renowned reputation of Merzbob knows no boundaries. Merzbob (who lives under the sea) is known for the noise created by squeezing the duo’s own men’s nipples. If there had been more circuses around in the depth of the sea Merzbob would have been a great traveling side show, but now the sound of the manly men’s nipples is quickly bearable on the internet, saving us a dive to the ocean’s bottom and a wet pair of ears.

The show is quick and efficient, first there are the alarm bells, awakening everyone enough to come and check those men’s nipples out. What follows is some manly moans, almost Neanderthal-like. Some quick cheesy music also gets pulled out of those nipples; glad we don’t need to squeeze these men’s nipples ourselves and just be able to sit back and hear the results.

The meshuggah part of the performance is rather jolly, but also the slow human beatbox versus hiss and cartoonish talking is quite the filler. The chapter named ‘extron’ feels like the moment that we had been waiting for; liquid sausages squeezed out successfully out of those men’s nipples… at the end the whole picture zooms out and we are in for a true revelation; those men’s nipples aren’t only attached to Merzbob but also to nobody less then the famous weirdo named Drake.

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1 Response to Merzbob – men’s nipples

  1. rofl I was never expecting anyone to ever hear this besides the intended audience of like 3 fucking people

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