Raw Moans – Safe Sex


Raw Moans

Artist: Raw Moans
title: Safe Sex
keywords: electronic, synthesizer, pop, love, sexy

Oh my goodness, synthpop orgasms are coming your way when plugged into the music of Raw Moans. The satisfaction of those synthesizer melodies pumping, slowly arousing your pleasure centers, fingering your senses until your heartbeat follows the pleasant rhythm of this sensual sound and safe (but sexy) Raw Moans.

The melodies, the basslines, the ever so soothing sexual pleasuring smooth sensual singing voice are like oral favors in audio forms. Listening to these affectional lovable love tracks will take any sensible listener into a state of foreplay until those orgasms will come one after another; an endless pleasure will make anyone moan pleasantly along with those fine tunes of Raw Moans. The great thing of having ‘Safe Sex’ with Raw Moans is that no morning after pill is required; it’s only the pleasure and never the headache.


it can’t get sexier then Raw Moans

It might be not for the ones who only want to pound and skip the foreplay; this is for anyone who wants to be licked, touched, and stroked at every inch of your mind and body with synthesizer pop sexiness. Track after track you will be forced to put hands to yourself, (as Raw Moans just provides the audio sex) you probably just simply can’t help yourself & don’t worry; it’s our dirty little secret! Your source for multiple orgasms will be safe with us! Come and be good to yourself and let these Raw Moans do its arousing thing:



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