Aaron Bachelder – music for a new dark age

Artist: Aaron Bachelder
Title: music for a new dark age
Keywords: electronic, ambient, experimental, soundscape, sounds, tripping
Label: Attenuation Circuit http://www.attenuationcircuit.de/

If you have been following the news you might get the impression that a new dark age is knocking on our doors. You don’t even need to open it as such a thing cannot be stopped by closed doors. A new dark age might not sound like a very positive and fruitful time period, however out of shitty times always good unexpected things will pop up and flourish. This amazing intriguing and quite frankly fantastic sounding album by Aaron Bachelder is a great example.

Music for the new dark ages by Aaron Bachelder is so original and equally surprisingly beautiful that it will simply shine a bright light on the prospect of these dark ages. The music is clearly created in it’s very own unique way, one that is so good that you almost would wish that this new dark age would properly settle in quickly just so you could completely hear this album at the right time & perfect atmosphere…

Trust me, the sounds are extraordinarily, nonstop different & yet it all seems so compositionally right; brilliance think of a future in which traditional instruments are abandoned and magically friendly intelligent robotic lifeforms have become the music instruments & composers at the same time.

The music that they produce is unclassifiable, borders genius mentality, takes on a great journey, one set to entertain by bringing the material of comfortable listening towards you the actual potential listener. With the sounds of the unknown that travel beyond genre into unexplainable beautiful captivating composing structures you will be too busy enjoying to even think about how the entire age has become darkened…

…in fact, when I did the pre-listening session for you, the world had become dark, but not because of the colorful sounds and strange sense making music; but my eyes closed, dreaming away in pure bliss as I fell asleep peacefully! These upcoming dark ages aren’t so bad!


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