Bastürdkunt – Have You Got a Cigarette ! ? (single)

Artist: Bastürdkunt
Title: Have You Got a Cigarette ! ? (single)
Keywords: experimental harsh noise noise power electronicsAdelaide

Bastürdkunt needs you! Well perhaps not you in person, but the good Bastürdkunt is dying for a cigarette. You could really help him achieving this goal by enriching yourself with the awesome single ‘Have You Got a Cigarette ! ? Just pay for this single and you will not only financially help Bastürdkunt in order that he can get himself a single cigarette, but you also get a bonus extra song for free on top!

Nobody can say that Bastürdkunt is selfish or a cunt, as next to helping him to get a cigarette and helping yourself to two digital epic tunes; you also gain a fair amount of great karma! Trust me, good Karma is normally not for sell, but if you pay for this excellent single (and top notch bonus B-side) Bastürdkunt personally will instantly send your good karma (along with the tunes) towards your inner surroundings.

Invest in this epic single…
Give this man a cigarette!
Don’t do it for Bastürdkunt,
Do it for you & feel good about yourself.
A better deal; good deed, great music & good karma will not be available for a while; it simply can’t get any better than this!

Oh and the single that you get in exchange for the donation towards a single cigarette for Bastürdkunt? It’s pretty much worth a whole pack f cigarettes, a whole loaf of packs of cigarettes! Not fake ones, real ones! It all sits in the fact that Bastürdkunt knows what a single is; one epic track that has that memorable poppy vibe, the easy going lyrics that whole stadiums loaded with people should be able to sing along!

Bastürdkunt has created the devotional anthem for anyone in need for a cigarette & has done this in such a original sound way & style that it would be really harsh if you didn’t reward him with the ability to actually buy one (or a coupe?)… don’t be a kunt, help yourself and this polite friend in need:


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