Low Entropy & Kuvera B – Untold Stories

Artists: Low Entropy & Kuvera B
Title: Untold Stories
Keywords: electronic doom doomtechno experimental electronic experimental techno hardcore kuvera b low entropy techno Tilburg
Label: New York Haunted
Reviewer: Simon Hit

Low Entropy is close to a house hold name, world wide known for its unforgivable beats and noise, this creator returns to the scene with a split with Kuvera B, a name that might not ring a bell directly, but big chance is that it’s ringing but we are just to deaf to hear it. Their release title is ‘Untold Stories’ so you could presume that what you will be able to hear music (if your ears didn’t do a suicide on you) that you wouldn’t have heard before.

Low Entropy definitely knows it’s audience, putting the sound at a maximum so even the most damaged ears should be able to pick it up one way or another. It’s a session in three tracks that are ‘Doomtrooper themed’. Of course it’s up to your imagination who these doomtroopers are, but the music clearly is made for militant marching. Marching around like a disturbed horsey, or a soldier drilled to follow orders by a shouting commander; the hardcore kicks and rhythmic noise speak very much for themselves & are easy to follow at home for your own feet. There are surprisingly sweet melodies involved but the pounding sound is clearly dominating the scene. Isn’t it fun to parade proudly around the table? Marching on these extreme sounds? Perhaps losing some fat in the process?

Kuvera B’s tracks do fit along with the marching no mercy works of Low Entropy, but where Low Entrophy goes for a more punchy sound to step around on, Kuvera B seems to go a bit more experimental. With the underlining line on the word ‘mental’ in experimental. Don’t get me wrong, the music is as pounding as it can be, but it feels more on the edge and insane then the military Doomtrooper materials. It’s as if they direct two kinds of marching armies, one robotic, tight and full discipline & the other one of marching cybergoths half-human half-machine that might go berserk into a destroy everything mood…

They might have stepped out of a computer game, shooting lasers in the air while they crush the pathetic tiny humans between their iron toes. I don’t know, more an army for amok then one with a clear goal. In anyway both producers dropped powerful pounding tracks that feel like they could drive up an army into a fight with no hesitation or problem.

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