saneliv – Species

Artist: saneliv
Title: Species
Keywords: experimental, Minsk
Label: HAZE net label
Reviewer: Larry Azy

saneliv’s Species is a bit like being a laboratory worker at work; having 39 samples of different species to process, check out, determine, research and study. Most of them come across as easy to do, they are seemingly just a couple of seconds in length and only a couple of them are longer. Doesn’t mean that the lengthier they are, the more analyzing they need; it’s mostly the shortest ones that need a re-check to remove the instant invisible question-mark above the head…

It’s like a nonstop list of ‘what’s this?’ And ‘what does it do?’ ‘Do I like it?’ And most importantly ‘does it hurt the ears or not?’. It’s a lot of work, a whole process that takes up a enormous investigation if you want to give it the right verdict… I don’t want to give it any verdict, I’m not a laboratory worker and lazy as hell. So if this process of research appeals to you, you will do it yourself; you can wear a white doctor’s costume if you need some help to get into it, perhaps a pair of gloves and a mouth mask (you never know if these species will give you herpes… there is always a chance… you know what they say; safety first!)

You can download these species for your research for free over here:
but also over here:

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