Alien Guitar Abduction – Dreams

Artist: Alien Guitar Abduction
title: Dreams
keywords: Dream pop, psychedelic
on the web:

Alien Guitar Abduction might not have a typical UFO to abduct you, but the music and accompanying videos will surely be enough to do the abduction trick. One moment you are growing the internet and suddenly you are sucked into a magical winter wonderland of a dream, a place in which snow can just as easily fall down as fall upwards. A snowy scene in which slow intriguing camerawork follows a female figure swimming loosely in midair, alone or in a mysterious ball for the perfect mind abduction. The ears will also be fully occupied with the music that comes with the visual dreamy winter pleasures: Even if this might be just the sound and imagery of dreams, the abduction will simply capture your mind and soul while listening and hearing the ambient trip. Even so much so that people around you might find your body, empty and unoccupied in front of the screen that you had been watching and hearing it all.

Don’t think that anyone with a hearing disability will be safe from the objections of Alien Guitar Abduction, they smartly found a way around your disability by having a lady translating the songs in a more visual language. If you have problems with the eyes, there might be a big chance that the actual music will be enough abduction material to abduct the life out of you… these are smart aliens!

If for any reason the earthly sign language isn’t the one that you are able to decipher because of you too being an actual alien (those things do happen…) than Alien Guitar Abduction still has a way of getting to you by throwing in a mix of alien sign language that also would be understood to ravers high on ravers-culture.

In the end it becomes pretty clear to me that you simply don’t have any real chance of not being abducted by these outputs of Alien Guitar Abduction, I’m hundred percent sure that Alien Guitar Abduction are also sending along secret alien undetectable signals with these music videos, so strong that even if you are unable to hear and see Alien Guitar Abduction still gets to you! To proof that the powers of Alien Guitar Abduction aren’t there to be underestimated you can see the main Alien forcibly do his magical things among nature in a last but certainly interesting video. What is this magic? How does this person call upon the sea to get material flying in his magical hands? Alien Guitar Abduction will even abduct the minds of the most conservative cynic… in fact I have got to go now, brain and soul are abducted as we speak…


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