singles by Ypopo , Zubotripobabotuponipomutogutosutoputocutolutozutorutomutogutovuto & Я 2

Hellie Allo dada Ielo my Name Is Whoopsiedoopsypoopsy, Lookodilook lets pogo loco dopa looki kookie at some swingle swindle singles free peely sweely single singles on the generative genetic trance pants netlabel: are you wollie booly dada donkers with me?
Artist: Ypopo
title: Debiloider
Keywords: black metal, rock, instrumental, lo-fi
label: Genetic Trance

Ypopo brings the bopping flopping wopping for the slow head popping. Ypopo galloping a smocking dokking polking bobo beat on repeat with a jamming pokko pogo Pocahontas poppo doppo okkidoko Ypopo guitar poliodopo sudoko jam.
Everything is okaykido popov dolo soko loco supo popopo yo!

artist: Zubotripobabotuponipomutogutosutoputocutolutozutorutomutogutovuto
Title: Baab Baobab
Keywords: black metal, rock, improvisation
label: Genetic Trance

Zubotripobabotuponipomutogutosutoputocutolutozutorutomutogutovuto toodelidoki poki swing die metal hokey pokey. Baab Baobab babsy flapsy hopsy knotsie doobie shooby baba booba baby billebonsje bookasha tralala hokey snookey pookey wookie! Zubotripobabotuponipomutogutosutoputocutolutozutorutomutogutovuto metal with steady Babylon booby trap beat halfway berserk blabla electronic mental beard in throat pastilles, wet dog boobalashakalaa, cuckoo crazy whoop pookakbooka crying laughter hihi haha hoho shoobab iedababoa boobie babsie flaps lunacy.

artist: Я 2
title: Импровизация
Keywords: piano, improvisation
label: Genetic Trance

Я2D2 piano shooby doo Scooby shooby poopy shoe Яolling over piano Яollers reliable wobbliness fanatic boosh woosh push poos shoos couscous plingle pingel single. Pling ploing bingalabong!

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