The Sky Blues – salt (video)

Artist: The Sky Blues
title: salt (video)
keywords: alternative folk alternative emo folk indie indie folk Perth
reviewer: Art Gartfunkel

You ever walked into a prestige museum and found a painting that makes you wish you hadn’t walked in because it would defy your whole perspective of artistic creation? A huge frame with 100 % linen and the surface completely covered in one single color, preferable black or white? The kind of painting they probably paid a couple of million for because conceptual ideals are expensive?

Well, today we are not going to encounter such a painting; we will just view a video that is nicely framed by white borders that give it the impression that it’s a painting. I don’t know why it’s done like this, maybe because the video was shot in a petite quality, or simply (again!) out of pure artistic choice, yet it is a relief that it’s not just a white frame with a video of a white still shot in the middle… It would be highly expensive and artistic if it was, but also might be pretty much a whole white thing in general… If it was a black still in the video it would have been a nice contrast, very artistic and maybe even on the border of being controversial, yet it isn’t any of these two choices…
The Sky Blues has made a different artistic choice, one that is more to the point, yet not all too much… The video can be seen as a music video, depicting a female singer somewhere on a beach along with a matrass that she somehow uses as a notebook. It’s understandable as the matrass has lines on it, and she has a good marker to write words and letters of a reasonable big size… What she is writing will forever remain a mystery, unless you have some special zoom in eyes and CSI investigational equipment; somehow I presume it’s the lyrics that she is singing…

When she has done the song she will covers the newly written words on the matrass and herself up and this is where the whole thing become a bit arty farty; a performance video that features a sheet on the matrass for quite a lengthy time… Making me think of the museum again, yet the middle isn’t a solid single color of paint but this final part of the music video… All in all the music is nice and the singing is pretty lovely, in fact I would love to go into such a museum, pull of such a painting and replace it with a video screen and this video; it might bring the museum a bit more life, & still has this artistic weirdness that makes people scratch their head and wonder…

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