Dark Jones – Magical Magical Dreams

Artist: Dark Jones
Title: Magical Magical Dreams
Keywords: 80s alternative electronic garage lo fi synthpopNew York

Bring out the flags, throw the confetti in the air and suck up those helium balloons! Why? Oh because that’s how to feel ready for the magical magic time provides here by Dark Jones! What a delight Dark Jones is with its synthesizer fullness and track perfection; its like a gift from electronic heaven giving pure arousing arousals to whoever loves synthesizer perfection combined with equally great drum programming, smooth and sexy vocals and all that is Dark Jones! It’s magical! And yes ‘magical’ sounds better pronounced with a high helium voice!

Everything that Dark Jones does and brings on this fun loving album will make you happy! Super melodies that are alive, super synthesizer sounds and mad love that will get you smile and funky; it’s a reason to wear shiny retro aerobic wear and do some happy stretching & dancing; it’s just the way these great tunes by Dark Jones will make you feel!

I don’t know about you but this is one of the first high quality sounding releases that i want to put to my chest and squeeze it like a long lost buddy that is now found! It’s so good, so magical and fun; I would make love with and to it all day and night; that’s how invitingly happy and pleasant the magical magical creation of Dark Jones is! Fun!


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