Laugu Ni Memro – 002 New York Wallpaper

Artist: Laugu Ni Memro
Title: 002 New York Wallpaper
Keywords: atmospheric rock experimental experimental folkpoland polish polska Jeziorno

Laugu Ni Memro had been sitting and waiting in our packed waiting room, on its lap the newest of the newest youthful youth of its genes ‘002 New York Wallpaper’. What a cute couple! How adorable! When it starts to make its first collection of sound the entire waiting room lights up; who doesn’t love the odor of a fuzzy guitar? As a reward the little one gets a banana peel to play with; so sweet!

Only a great parent can come up with such innovative gifts for their little ones.
It’s better than the other toy ‘floppy trolls’ cause somehow they never seem to work. Strangely Laugu Ni Memro has managed to get a few working ones, just 50 seconds perhaps, but that’s longer than most of the floppy trolls…

I wonder how the baby got conceived and as if Laugu Ni Memro had read my mind, the music tells me wordless that it was done with the than yet to be mom with her face in the cinema screen glow. How romantic it is! But than there was more.. details are being heard that the entire process involved a pecker so impressive that it frightened a parakeet.

To hush the sounds of the baby into a calmer realm a certain baby sit named Agnes popped up, she took over the little one and wobbled and wiggled it in her lap with a fun caring baseline. The other waiting waiters in the waiting room are all very pleased when this happened and kindly wobbled along. Now that proud parent Laugu Ni Memro has the hands free it plays the guitar in a super polite, friendly and lovable way. It strums away a sleepy mellowness until its hands bleed. One of the waiters shows of his wrist bone, it doesn’t seem right but strangely it inspired Laugu Ni Memro to do some experimental bone music improvisation; what a great parent!

The bone material gets into a favorite petite guitar pling plong well known under the name of magic eye at the polish german border, everyone loves the compactness of it, clearly having a cute beginning, middle and steering it friendly all the way to the final ending… one generated of a memory that sounds super pretty and comfortable; it’s no wonder that Laugu Ni Memro and its child 002 New York Wallpaper had been sitting in the waiting room for so long; great entertainment for the others who wait and he right music for them to sit calmly and happily without the nervous wrecks that some of them secretly are…


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