Jody Lowther / Quimper – soft Bodies Records – Christmas 2016

artist: Jody Lowther / Quimper
Title: soft Bodies Records – Christmas 2016
tags: alternative ambient christmas electronicexperimental haunting minimal psychedelic London

Not a fan of Christmas and its cheesy collection of Christmas songs, however this Christmas release by Soft Bodies Records is a different cake; one that could be even appreciated outside the ‘festive’ season. Still because it’s good to play along, let’s give these two lovable tracks a bit of a snowflake & reindeer reference; ho ho ho!

Like a singing special kind of snowflake Jody Lowther puts on the golden glow of a subtle Christmas wish. Her voice seems to be obscured to become a pure light, slowly dropping down the sky and attaching to the window spying on the family scene inside & check if all is ready for a whole bunch of snowflakes.

Quimper brings more the vibe of a famous snow vehicle that Santa Claus likes to put reindeers in front and than goes a bit for a flight around the world. Somehow the thing is always packed with presents, while actually the whole sound and feeling of Christmas should be already enough. This lovable quimper tune for sure delivers the good and friendly spirit. What a lovely bunch! It really made my hate for Christmas melt & that has never done before!

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