Non so più cosa son faccio – The Marriage of Figaro by Mozart – Elle Yana – HQ

Why people need diversity if you can just clone one and the same, as when it’s good, it’s great, right? Seeing a video full of lovely clones, friendly talented look a likes, stunt doubles, or perhaps indistinguishable family members or possibly the living, dancing & singing results of a secret experiment with a lot of personal alcohol intake is something you won’t see or hear every day. (Unless you browse to this one music video & play it every day…)

Rumor goes that for the past five years the talented Paul Mangan has been doing exactly that (although in secret!); watching this music video on a daily basis. From a amazingly good source we heard that he would wake up, take a shower, maybe have a breakfast and some coffee before starting of the official day; a ritual act that would involve tuning into this video.. and why the hell not? If anything, we all should follow Paul as an example as starting the day with this music video is like waking up and taking in a happy pill…

Even Kienderjahr (the director of music project Logosamphia) has expressed great love for this internet classic, perhaps not a everyday viewer himself, he would definitely watch it on his birthday as a must see and hear birthday gift. There is something to it that will make even the most bitter into a sweeter person… a bit like magic with the ingredients like a happy goodness of a enjoyable smile, a infectious do it at home funny dance & lightweight feel good stuff that is not only addictive , but also pretty much irresistible.

Inside the delighted rings of fire a angelic voice creator will appear, she will sing the best tones, the legendary vocals similar to a opera diva who shrunk itself down to fit in a popular pop format. A prominent bass guitar will pop up and invite you to do see watch and join the fanatically happy ‘heart popping’ dance as the lovely example and her copy cat clones smile happily & joyfully. They are a Belgium singer (and clearly a dancer!) named Elle Yana & the band that serves up this instant serving of happiness is named Ayda & you either love it or you are going to love it!

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