Sevenism – Saline Celestial

Artist: Sevenism
Title: Saline Celestial
Keywords: electronic experimental ambient ambient electronicexperimental electronic London

Sevenism makes me think of the shapes of seven out of nine, but also at jackpots and lucky number seven, about the seven dwarfs from snow-white, seven eleven shops, but also of the name Steven without the ‘T’ in the middle. But today Sevenism gets a new thing to think about when the word ‘Sevenism’ drops… now I must think of music and a release named Saline Celestial.

Is it strong enough to override every thought of any other seven? I’m not totally sure about that, but it would be nice at times as the music has a much calmer effect than most of the sevens that jumps to my mind when hearing ‘sevenism’ will ever give. Smooth electronic warmth, shimmering dim-the-lights material that will make you feel like you have eaten too much and need to sit down for a while to relax & digest.

It’s a nice place that Sevenism is taking us, the whole release has a nice transition as if it knows how to rub in the massage oil before going for the kind bubbling massage session. The quality control in both the ears are also well under Sevenism’s control & basically will try its best to make a listener drift away into nothingness. But unlike nothing, there is definitely something here but it’s pretty much untouchable; like you can hear it but grabbing it is a no go. Maybe, maybe it is because it’s music and not a holdable object?

Funny thing is that you could actually hold Saline Celestial in your hands as it (next to digital) has been captured and released on a cassette tape. But unless you have a working Walkman or a set of magical fingers it would be difficult to hold the tape in your hands and let the music play, but it shouldn’t be a huge deal to imagine you holding the music in your hands while it’s actually just untouchable sonic waves floating in your hearing range…


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1 Response to Sevenism – Saline Celestial

  1. Linda says:

    Very warm icy sounds! Love it 🙂

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