Catherine Goldwyn & Phil Lewis – Shadow and Light

Artists: Catherine Goldwyn & Phil Lewis
title: Shadow and Light
keywords: jazz , ambient, lounge
reviewer: Jazzy Jeff

Listening to the album created by a guitar playing Phil Lewis and pianist Catherine Goldwyn has brought me in to greater atmospheres of jazzy relaxation. The music of these two (I presume) wonderful people have such a laid back feel, making me feel like I need to go lay down on a comfortable sofa, or perhaps find two trees with a hammock hanged in between them. Just settle in and down, maybe have a liquid beverage, a good book or an empty notebook and a pen (to write your own) and let the music be the pleasurable kindness of love.

Phil Lewis and Catherine Goldwyn are one of those duos that clearly are a match made here on earth, bringing their lounge vibe with such feel of feelings and such vibes of vibrations that it is very clear to anyone who hears it that it’s an end product made out of pure love between them too. In fact their compatibility and appreciation among each other even made them step in the boat of marriage with each other.


Music loving music makers & lovers Catherine & Phil

But personal things aside, what lays on this album is It’s a professional love, a mutual agreement to love the music that they make and do; the sensible sound of their originals will just be as pleasant as listening to a Chet Baker record or a Erik Satie episode; it might not have the melodrama, or a toothless trumpeter blowing a trumpet & neither soothing singing; yet, the instruments of these two individuals are doing the most pleasurable conversations among themselves. They know each other through and through& feel each other even better. The language that they use is universal, understandable for all & even the most hating haters would really have a tough time trying to hate the lovely music done over here.


Their music on this album wouldn’t be what it is now without the great efforts of Jake Reed who manages to hook into this pair communication & provided it with the perfect delicate drums & percussion. Also John Belzaguy joined this wedded couple, but he brought along the Bass, making the sound sounding complete and refined. It’s hard to make a joke about it, so I won’t and just say; it’s a great sounding album by people who not only love each other, but have founded their love by mutually loving music together.

It’s not a free album, and might cost you something to get it from the apple store,
yet it feels like it’s actually worth it if you are into loungy good jazz music. Besides these artists are still alive, so you will be able to support them directly.. Maybe with your help they can go on a second honeymoon? Or just make more pretty jazzy music!

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