Cinema Perdu – Interventions in a landscape

Artist: Cinema Perdu
Title: Interventions in a landscape
Keywords: ambient, experimental, drone, interventions
Label: moving furniture

The first intervention is done by me through asking to stop whatever you had been doing and start hearing this release. You just put it on and be free to continue whatever you had been doing before the intervention. The music will not intervene in whatever you had been doing, in fact it might even function as a nice collider, a backdrop friend that you can trust and be okay with.

I myself listened while attempting to create a brown artwork while seated on a toilet seat; my personal view with this music playing was one that made me feel my special artistic muscles relaxed & the toilet sitting session as if I was traveling nicely. It abruptly stopped when the music had an experimental sounding intervention, something unexpected, a weird thing of sound that I couldn’t place but felt as if someone had taken out a scalpel and started to dig out one of my newly dropped rough artworks.

After a while this too go intervened by another audio part that sounded close to the last bits of a freshly flushed toilet. The final part of the first section then came back to a peaceful sounding ambience; material that felt like the relief that a successful art session on the toilet would sound & feel like.

After that a nice subtleness comes in, a lengthy session of drone with ringing hidden tones that makes me question my ears; is this really there or is it an external sound somewhere intervening the listening session?

After a tiny stop skipping the silence from going from track to track, the silence got intervened by a work named ‘Ijmuiden’, a ambient complex with plenty of interventions that keep up a theme of politeness, yet sound quite different from each other. I decided to listen and empty the bladder at the same time, creating a beautiful mix of ambiance and a yellow river stream. Such a nice combination and what a lovable feeling of pure relief at the same time… 

it can’t get any better! Or maybe it can as there is one more drone intervention named ‘Hoek Van Holland’. It’s a harbor, the town to get a boat to England & the music is sounding like the sea and fresh air; maybe a bit salty but immersive. It’s really nice, a work to put your head in and lose thoughts until another one of those sound interventions pop up; making fax machine-like noises among other completely different interventions. If you love interventions then this is definitely one for you:


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