Keywords: electronic hip-hop house lgbt lgbtq rap electro gaygays kwaito lgbt artist lgbt performer queer southafricaJohannesburg

STASHCREW are a queer electro rap/muso crew that’s definitely bringing the Wack Attack! Don’t think automatically of sweet butterflies, pink glitter and Popsicles; cause the music here is as tough and cool (might be even tougher and cooler!) than your average dose of warrior rap! The collective brings a sick six track EP that even though it showcases different rappers, moods and music tempos; it definitely is one record of togetherness.

The music might speak to you when you sniffed up a hint of modern South African music made famous all over the globe by a special creative rapping duo whose name is too hot to drop… so I refrain from name dropping as the music itself will probably be reference enough to solve the puzzle. But even though the distinctive style these tunes and rappers seem to not have lost their roots, they have not lost their minds in fame and fortune & basically tell it like it is & speak out about their daily dealings.

Their tunes are as real as they can be, yet they are also sexy, bold and nothing less of a good dance floor killer. The collective really seem to have created a sound and feel that you won’t fuck with, yet if you look beyond it you can see some wonderful artistic souls shining through. If someone tells them otherwise they might be the first one to rough them up a little; they come across streetwise and yet not afraid to shine!


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