Michael J. Johnson – The Holly and the Jolly

Artist: Michael J. Johnson
Title: The Holly and the Jolly
Keywords: comedy hip hop rap singer-songwriter spoken word Edmonton

Michael J. Johnson is giggling all the way while his snowballs are ringing. The good man is so jolly and happy that him being in a good mood is probably the main attraction on his semi ‘Christmas’ themed unique album. With his mouth as a human beat box, dropping raps that favor the fast scenes of fast and furious above Jesus, Maria and the star of Bethlehem the guy for sure is on a roll to troll land.

But it’s a good guy, a good troll, a Christmas troll perhaps; he clearly sounds like someone who pulls out his fingers sticks them in your ears and tickles you pleasantly until you crack up and laugh… even if you never liked fast cars or movies about fast cars, racing and neither are a lover of the Christmas tambourine there might be a big chance you will endorse the Holy and the jolly by Michael J. Johnson as… he got style and charm! In fact it’s all in this man’s voice; he even makes himself happy with every song he performs, a good time for anyone who don’t take it all too seriously.

The raps of this Michael J. Johnson is like a good friend, always stuffing the turkey with farts, laxatives and other surprising surprises for its table dinner guests. Of course you can’t be sure, but that’s the whole thing of this fine man; he is a serious jolly joker and his album is probably one of the most adored Christmas albums out there that we recommend!

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