Frog Jazz – December Tape

Artist: Frog Jazz
Title: December Tape
Keywords: experimental punk ambient experimental electronic hip hop instrumentals noise pop Philadelphia
Reviewer: Gerard Grinch

It might not come as a complete surprise to you, but we already live in the December month of this year. Time goes by so quick and hasty, before you know it it’s December in the next year again. It’s a month that is a bit hard at times to deal with, depressed people or families high on Prozac pretending to like each other around dinner time, putting shit lots of firework in the air as there is no greater thing than starting a new year by poisoning the air! But of course there is also the peer pressure of alcoholism (got to pop the champagne!) & the anti-vegan movement is also popping up with turkeys, ready for the slaughter! Such a great month, December!

But it can’t be all sour cream and onions & that’s why this time it’s a blessing to know that we can tune into a brand new December Tape. It’s the tape that will have no difficulty sticking these years together and if you stick it on your mouth it might even save you from unwanted meat or sparkling bubbles… actually that is not true, but it might provide enough distraction and private time to forget all that the December month is all about and replace it all with a 15 minute soundtrack of drums, beats, some chill, some edgy material and some more rhythm to successfully bounce along with.

I see it as the excuse to escape, recharge before facing the festivities, or simply play it on repeat and hole yourself up until it’s all over. Don’t get me wrong, December (drinking!) is fine, yet it’s nice to know that there is an alternative to go to if you don’t want to be exposed to Wham’s Last Christmas and distressed pets freaking out by some asshole throwing firecrackers. This December Tape by Frog Jazz seem to be the essential music selection to take into your safety zone (along with the pets) and feel like it’s December, but slightly different. No snow, no old man in fake beards and beer bellies, no stories of a birth that supposedly happened years ago; just this drums and sounds on this fine December tape; a great distraction!

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