Keywords: electronic avant-garde beats experimental futureinstrumental Windsor
Label: Museum of Skin

What is fresh in HUSTLE FLESH’s FLESH WORLD? Well probably all of the tracks are; they are short enough to never go out of date too. Because they are tracks they will probably not go out on a date too. Not that they aren’t handsome or cute, it’s because they are tracks as in tunes & they aren’t very lengthy. In fact they come across as a team, one that belongs together and cannot really be justified when going for the individual ones without all the others.

It’s pretty simple really; when they are all together they are FLESH WORLD, but when they are separate they are more like little hints of geographical parts of FLESH WORLD; incomplete! Like tiny provinces, but than as music with in general laid back fresh prince of Bell Hair vibes, lounge beats, chippy choppy game hints, glitchy experimental rhythm + fresh and flashy hustled ingredients.

FLESH WORLD by HUSTLE FLESH is one that is pretty easy going, and its obvious that to make it like that( a lot of hustling had been done in the preparation into all these parts forming FLESH WORLD. Thanks to the compact places, you will easily flip through the entire FLESH WORLD, meeting its charismatic anthems, chip-tune and vapor folklore as if you are listening to a radio station that hustled a lot of things together to make sure its just one station that you need for your radio session.

But don’t think it’s in any way a radio show or a channel; it truly is what it says; a fresh fleshy world by HUSTLE FLESH. No need to use your head, or any other thinking part on your body; your vacation or easy travel pass showcasing all these ingredients are simply passing by quickly, providing light weight entertainment on the go & that’s for sure the perfect example for the uncomplicated world that most of us need! Hop in:

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