Olga Palomäki – Soundtrack of The Anthropocene

Artist: Olga Palomäki
Title: Soundtrack of The Anthropocene
Keywords: petroglyph-music, Olga Palomäki, dark ambient, drone, fieldrecording, manipulation, experimental
Label: Petroglyph https://petroglyphmusic.com/

How does a soundtrack of The Anthropocene sound like? Asked nobody ever, until probably now… the soundtrack (according to my own ears & brain) of The Anthropocene sounds like The soundtrack of The Anthropocene. You might not know what The Anthropocene is & that’s understandable. But the soundtrack for The Anthropocene reveals that it’s large and full areas filled with drone zones. I mean not the drones that Oblabla send out to honor his nobel peace price, but the ones that come as sound. You might even call them ambient drones who smoothly move from one zone into another, always different and yet close together in sameness.

The result of these different drones colliding into each other in such peaceful way is not only the soundtrack for The Anthropocene, but it also could be applied as the soundtrack for around an hour of your own life. So even though you are not in The Anthropocene, this soundtrack is easily used on any other scene. I had been listening to it in the morning, sipping coffee and sitting in the sun. To me the soundtrack fitted well with the aroma and flavor of the robust coffee & also provided a bit cooler air (even though it is in pure sound form) to turn this summer sun session into a milder one; after all most people are living in winter time at the moment. In any case, if you are The Anthropocene, or perhaps are experiencing The Anthropocene and need a fitting soundtrack; this would be it! But for all the others; feel free to make this the smooth soundtrack for anything of your own choice… I feel that listening while doing sport, or jogging hard would be a bit out of place, but if you want: go for it!

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