Richard Dart – Ambient Sun

Artist: Richard Dart
Title: Ambient Sun
Keywords: alternative ambient ambient downtempo mostly ambient pop rock Australia

Richard Dart impresses with the release of Ambient Sun, a grand loyal work of synthetic synthesizer perfection. For this kind of sun it’s highly recommended to wear a firm set of headphones and surroundings of silence just to enjoy the sounds at all its finest & fullest warmest intentions.

The music (as a substitute for the sun) is much nicer than any actual sun in the universe; the kind and warm ambient tones, mixed with hints of actual instrument-like soothing elements of a harp or a quasi trumpet and big beats that carry all away… they are all working together to make you wish to abolish the use of sun cream forever; that’s how good it is! Who doesn’t want a tan from a sunny quality ambient sun?

It isn’t a lie that Brian Eno pops into the mind when letting this kind of sunshine in, but than again; Brian is just a man and this is most definitely the graceful entity of an entire sun. The quality of these Sunday’s of fine music is pretty much amazing, clearly coming to you with care and awesomeness. The subtleness of it all, the choice of sound but also the fresh approach within each composition keeps the ears interested and pleased.

What I also wanted to mention is that these wonderful classy sun rays by Richard Dart are family friendly; clearly being a friend for any relaxing adult in need of vitamins D (and excellent music!) but also children, grannies and house pets will be finding comfort under this fine blanket of Ambient Sun. I don’t know about you, but I put out a towel and take a sunbath of pure music!

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